high five for friday!

happy friday, all! i only had a four-day work week, but it felt like the longest week of my life…seriously.

1. so, i joined the band wagon with the ‘new year and workout’ peeps. i’m not planning on becoming crazy with it (let’s be real). i’m trying to slowly get back in the groove and get into a routine so that when spring rolls around i can get back to running. SO i’ve been doing this amazing workout. friends, if you haven’t checked out my girl cassey, you need to. she’s da bomb. her blog is called blogilates and it’s filled with healthy tips, meals, and POP pilates. she’s an amazing motivator and i love her. she makes working out fun and it’s not five hours of my life each day. i have never participated in pilates and i’m in love. it’s intense, but fun! now to figure out this clean eating business…what? what do you mean i can’t have oreos??

2. if you know me, you know i wear a braid in my hair a lot. it’s easy and i love the look. well, i’ve been experimenting with some new ‘dos. i’m hoping to have some tutorials up on the blog soon! stay tuned…

3. as you saw on the blog earlier this week, my main man rett is a walking fool. he’s all over the place! he, now, enjoys trying to dribble his little basketball. it’s hilarious. well, he will be ONE (#tear) in a couple of months and i’ve begun the bittersweet planning of his bday party. SO overwhelming. i’m doing some diy things. i’m hoping my vision can turn into real life…we’ll see.

4. two things that were shared with me from youtube. please watch if you haven’t seen them, they are gems and will brighten your day!

for the mommas:

also, i’m sitting here listening to 90’s jams on my computer. seriously? why did i stop listening to this? i’m about ready to belt out some 500 miles in two seconds!

5. my cousin lindsay’s birthday is this weekend… even though you aren’t here anymore, linds, i never stop loving or thinking about you. happy birthday. ❤ miss you and i’ll be seeing you.



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