wake up!

good day, friends.

i’m coming to you after a nice three day weekend. while i was able to rest up, some of you may not have been so lucky.

i can empathize. between the constant ‘need to dos’ on my brain and a teething baby, my logged hours of sleep have significantly dwindled in the last couple of months.

what i have for today are some tips to looking wide-awake…even if you would like to keep hitting snooooooze.


i need one of these shirts!


first thing’s first: your skin. a lot of times when you are tired and not rested, your skin can show it. dehydration, fatigue. it’s a dead giveaway. absolutely wash your face. it will wake you up and help you feel refreshed. i always recommend a clarisonic brush. (you can read about my small obsession here) i LOVE mine and it works wonders. once you’ve rinsed with warm water, splash a bit of very cold water to snap those pores tight and wake you up! when you moisturize for the day, you can actually add a bit of luminizer. this will give your skin a nice, healthy glow. i like this one. don’t use too much or you will look like you are a sparkling vampire in the sunlight (twihard, anyone?). just a small pea-sized dollop will do. if you have a nice complexion (i.e. you don’t need to dip your face in concealer like me), then using a luminizing tinted moisturizer can be great, too. lastly, one thing that i love to keep on me if i’m having one of those days is a bottle of refresher, like this one from mac. you can even make your own concoction of rose water and green tea. anything to just lightly spritz on your face that will freshen you up and give you that dewy glow. ps: this can make your makeup touch ups easier because it allows for blendability.

okay, you guys know how i love blush. this HAS to be in my tips for an awake look! blush just helps with that healthy appearance. i do love cream blushes because they blend so nicely – especially a nice rosy/peach color. use what you’re comfortable with, but definitely don’t skip the blush when you are looking and feeling tired. hey! you can even add a small bit of that luminizer to your cheek bones to give you even more of a glow.

eyes are so important when trying to look awake. i don’t know about you, but i have to conceal those dark circles all day, every day. sometimes, i will toss my eye cream into the fridge while i wash my face to cool it off. it is so refreshing to put on! you can even run it under cool water. the cool cream can reduce any puffiness you have under your eyes all while hydrating. DO NOT skip your mascara. i know you don’t want to curl those lashes because your eyes already feel like sandpaper and you don’t even want to get close – but, i promise, you will thank yourself for curling. for extra curl, warm that curler up a bit before placing on your lashes. don’t worry about putting anything  under your eyes: mascara or eyeliner. we don’t need to draw anymore attention to those dark circles. instead, by leaving the lash line clean, it will actually give your eyes a nice OPEN look. don’t forget to line that lower lash waterline with some nude eyeliner like this one from rimmel. it gives your eyes a POP of light to really brighten the whites of your eye and make you look more awake.

stay away from really bold and dark lip hues. you want to keep your face light and bright. i would recommend using a nice tinted balm or even a nude lip hue.

as always, HYDRATE. drink lots and lots of water. your skin and body will thank you.

that’s it! those are my best tips for looking awake. fake it til you make it, momma! remember to enjoy that sweet baby in the middle of the night. i know it isn’t fun waking up at 2:00am, but they don’t stay little for long.


*photo was found on pinterest.


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