high five!

happy friday, folks! sorry my h54f is a little later in the day… but better late than never!


so on monday, i was able to work from home. which meant i got to not only work, but entertain a little crazy person all day. it was hectic, but you know what? i figured out that working from home is an ultimate goal for me. now, i know you are probably saying ‘yeah right, you only did it one day…’ and you’re right. however, i would love to be a stay at home momma (that has always been a dream of mine) and working from home gives me the best of both. i can stay at home and get my work done and be there for my sweet baby. regardless, it isn’t an option for me right now BUT it could be something to look forward to!


my baby boy reached the ten month stage this week. double digits. it has been so fun watching him grow and learn. andrew and i are amazed at how quickly he catches on to things. he loves playing with his basketball (he comes by it honest), blocks, and books. he makes all kinds of new sounds – like he’s trying to talk but can’t quite get it out yet – and he is walking. that happened overnight! he stumbled about for a few weeks and then, all of a sudden, he walked a little and then just kept on going. and now there’s no stopping him! my baby isn’t going to be a baby much longer…


last weekend (i know that seems like forever ago!), i, literally, did nothing. talk about a highlight of the last nine months!! i feel like, ever since everett was born, all that we do is go, go, go. but, last weekend, i didn’t put on makeup, i didn’t get into real clothes (that’s right, jammies all day, every day), i didn’t even start my car. it. was. glorious. i think everyone needs weekends like that. remember to stop and enjoy. the constant ‘go’ makes the days fly by! it’s nice to be able to relax and do nothing.


my baby sister turned TWENTY FIVE. what?? i don’t really remember her being born – heck, i can’t remember yesterday usually – but i do remember growing up with her. she was never not there. we’ve been through it all together and i am so very lucky to have a sister like her. she is the absolute best.



i have a three day weekend. why, yes…yes, i am PUMPED.


hope you had a wonderful week. here’s to the weekend!




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