new year. fresh start.

i have given some thought to this blog. i wanted to start a blog when i became a new mother. i wanted to share my experiences with breastfeeding and sleepless nights and parenthood. i wanted to become enthralled in the motherly blogging community. that didn’t happen.

although i enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of fashion and beauty products, i started feeling that my original passion to begin this blog was slowly drifting further and further in the distance. and so did my posts.

with a new year comes a fresh start. i am going to turn this blog into MY passion. being a mother is the single greatest thing i’ve ever done and i want to share my experiences.

i absolutely love fashion and makeup. i will still blog about those things. i just wanted to start new. this is it.

i hope you enjoy my new outlook on this blog. and i hope this year brings YOU, my dear friend, a fresh start, too!

may 2015 be your happiest year.



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