wut up!? it’s friday again! yesssssss.

tops for the week. i’m not gettin’ crazy. plus my week just wasn’t that exciting…

1. knocked out my monthly grocery shopping on monday. YAY! my least favorite thing to do. however, i did try to do some meal planning this month. i felt like it gave me more direction when i wander around like an idiot through the grocery store. and i also felt like i got more bang for my buck (or bucks, in this case!). i really utilized my pinterest food board to get some meal ideas. drew likes certain ‘constants’ almost every week – like tacos or homemade pizza. other than that, i mixed in a lot of slow cooker meals and one-pan meal ideas. so far, it’s been a success! do you have any meal planning tips?

2. i got a couple of new beauty products to try out. stay tuned. you may just see them pop up on my blog down the road!

3. my little bro plays for my alma mater basketball team. in fact, both of my siblings and i attended the same university! pretty cool, huh? so anyway, rett and i went to watch, along with my parental units. it was a great win for the lions! go LU! and go scotty!


4. i made this little chalkboard banner to use for decoration in my home. i was trying to find one to buy online, but they seemed overpriced – plus i enjoy a good craft, so i decided to give it a whirl. it was pretty dang easy. andrew cut my pieces and the rest was a breeze.


5. black friday is six days away. #excited

that is all.

happy weekend!



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