high five for FRIDAY!

we are closing in on the holiday time of year. can you believe it?! i can’t. this is my favorite time of year. while missouri has seemed to altogether skip fall and plummet right into winter (hi, it’s 30 degrees and flurrying here – thanks, but no thanks), i can’t help but get excited for all the family time coming up – and, let’s be real, the food too. oh man, the food. i. cannot. wait. in fact, i have purposely left some of my maternity leggings unpacked so i can wear them during the holiday season. what? don’t knock it til ya try it!

1. my baby boy is EIGHT months old today. what. the. what. where has the time gone!

he amazes me every single day. my life has changed so much since he was born and i couldn’t imagine it any other way. he is my everything and i am so very thankful for him. btw – he is crawling and standing on his own. he also has one and a half teeth.


2. i recently went to get my peepers checked out. i hadn’t been to the eye doctor in quite some time… i know, shame on me. long story short, the doc decided that she would like me to get some glasses. yep, good ole spectacles. they are a very low prescription and anti-glare to help with the large amount of time my eyes spend focused on the computer screen. i kind of love them, though…what do you think?


3. since i took a new job a couple of months ago AND my cousin works just across the way – we decided that we would be economically responsible and carpool. can i just tell you that it has been a blast so far! i mean, not only is she okay with my perpetual late-ness (mostly because it’s genetic and we get it from our papa), but we always have the best conversations. i start my day with a smile on my face. love you corey!

4. i had to say ‘see you later’ to one of my friends this week. she is the original bestie. we’ve been through thick and thin together over the many years we have known each other. one thing i know about friendships is that a true friendship is hard to find. she is going to do amazing in austin as a travel nurse (cool job, right!) and she will experience so many new things. don’t worry, i plan to take full advantage of her as my tour guide when i road trip down in a month.

5.  and, lastly, there’s this:

you’re welcome.

what are your high 5s this week? tell me about it!



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