halloween shenanigans.

i love love love halloween. i don’t dress up, really. it is more about the overall spirit of this time of year. the crisp air, fall colors, pumpkin cheesecake candles (my. jam.), cozy homes, and hocus pocus (the best halloween movie, ever).


fun and festive



we did a little family pumpkin carving. everett loved the guts! he put his whole head in as soon as we cut the top off!



this year was rett’s very first halloween! i thought long and hard about what to make him. when i was growing up, my parents always had extremely creative ideas – for instance, my sister and i were christmas presents one year…like huge, wrapped boxes with bows on our heads – so, needless to say, i had standards.

here’s what i came up with: a taco. a crawling taco, to be exact! don’t worry, you’ll get to see this gem of a costume below. my mom and i hand-made it and, i must say, it was pretty awesome!





we also started a new little tradition of pumpkin patching. is that a verb? anyway, everett did great! we visited a patch near my cousin’s home in pocahontas, illinois called Rhodes Family Farm. i’d never been. we had a blast!


imageall in all, it was a fantastic way to finish out october. can you believe it’s already november?! christmas is just around the corner, people! get ready.



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