i have a 5 month old…

I’m sad. I can’t believe my little buddy is FIVE months old already! I amazes me how quickly the time passes.

I couldn’t wait to be a mother. Andrew and I did enjoy being us – with no baby. We thought it was important to really have that time for just us before having a family. But having Everett here – WOW. We were really not ready for how much we’d love that little fella.

What’s new with him? Well, he’s gotta be pushing (roughly) 17 pounds, is rolling over like crazy, sitting up by himself, eating big-boy food, and loves to make noise. It’s funny – of all the baby toys in his room, he thoroughly enjoys a red solo cup, a popped volleyball, and an empty water bottle. That kid…

No matter what way you stack it, Everett is my favorite. He is my whole world and I thank God every single day that I get the honor of being his mom.

Here are some photos of my little dude and his Henry Bear:


Happy Friday!



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