morning snuggles.

Everett is such a great sleeper. Usually he is sound asleep when I leave for work or barely waking up. But sometimes I get to wake up and snuggle my little fella for a short while before starting my journey to the office. Those are my most favorite mornings.

I don’t know if it’s because his days are so awesome (aren’t they all great when you’re a baby?) or if he is just so excited to see us in the mornings, but the kid never.wakes.up.angry. He literally wakes up with a smile on his face. It is incredible. Automatic good mood. Every day.

Of course, when I break out the camera to capture his contagious little smile, he gives me this look…



Do I get an unlimited supply of sick days? Maybe I should petition for snuggle days… I have a feeling my boss would understand. Look at those cheeks! Ya just can’t resist.

Happy Friday!





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