TomDesign Bracelets

Once we finally named Everett, I really wanted to find a piece of jewelry to wear with his name or initials on it. Immediately, my mind went to Etsy…the place that has EVERYTHING.

I was searching forEVER to find something that was affordable, but great quality. Nothing that I saw caught my eye. I looked through pages and pages of items that just didn’t cut it for me…cheap looking, bad reviews, ungodly expensive. I finally came across a page (seriously, after hours and hours of looking…I became a touch obsessive.) for a little shop called TomDesign.

Can I just say…amazing! I actually found some bangles that were right up my alley. I went with the letter E and the letter A for the two men in my life:


So cute!

If you are looking for a great gift for someone or want a little something for yourself – check them out. The service was excellent and the delivery was extremely quick! Not to mention, I wear these little gems almost daily and they haven’t worn a bit.


PS: I absolutely love this Etsy shop! They, however, have not a single clue who I am. I am just a lover of their jewelry! 


2 thoughts on “TomDesign Bracelets

  1. Jes Arney says:

    That’s so funny Lara, I favorited that shop and the bracelets for my bridesmaids gifts a while back!


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