make-up series #1: CONCEAL

Let me preface this by saying – BEWARE – scary pictures below!

This is the first installment of my How To Make-up Series. I am going to cover how I apply each phase of my make-up. I’m still trying to learn how to do videos for tutorials, so this one is in photo form – you should still be able to pick up the ‘how to’ pretty easily.

Before I began applying the make-up, I went through my skin care regimen…which you can find here if you missed my earlier post.

Okay, here goes…

I’ve never struggled with extreme dark circles until I got a bit older. And, now, with Everett – my sleeping habits are not what they used to be and so I just look plain tired with no concealer on. I’ve used many different products to try and conceal the darkness. Some of them Most of them just make my under eyes look grey-ish/green-ish, so it is important to find a good undertone that works for your problem. So far (rather recently), I picked up Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller and L’Oreal Magic Lumi Highlighter. The roller is great because it has a caffeine gel that energized and promotes circulation in the under eye area. It also has lemon essence to brighten the area, and a touch of color to help conceal. These are working for me right now, but I’ll keep you posted if I find a better product to tell you about!


This is a before photo so you can see me without a stitch of make-up on. DON’T JUDGE ME. Believe me, I do know how scary this is!

imageFirst thing’s first, I roll on the dark circle corrector – pretty liberally. You want enough product on there to count.

imageimageYou’ll want to blend it with a beauty sponge or your ringer finger. I use my finger because it gives me more control. The heat from my finger makes the product easy to blend down into my upper cheek bones. Pat gently! Always lightly pat around your eyes. The skin is very delicate, plus you don’t want to smear the product you’ve just applied. Not the look we want.

Next, I swipe on the highlighter. Now – I’m not typically a fan of the plastic-y application brush. But I was in a pinch for concealer and this looked like the best pick.

imageimageI apply this pretty liberally, as well. You want to make sure an hit your lower lash line to get an even look. Also, don’t forget about the inside corners of your eyes – for many, this is a very dark area. Getting the concealer in the corner will brighten your eyes immensely. I apply the product heaviest in the under eye area closest to my nose. Pat to blend.


Once you’ve blended into your skin, you’re ready for foundation and the rest of your make-up! Here’s a before and after for you:


Not as scary, huh? I think I’m ready for public.

I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any products you’d like to share, just comment below!

*PS: I did not receive the products mentioned above from Garnier or L’Oreal. I bought them myself to try out!


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