okay, i lied…

When I said that I only have two obsessions…I lied. I’m sort of addicted to scarves – I know, it’s weird. I just can’t help myself! They are so fun and versatile! I wear them A LOT.


Usually when people think of scarves, they immediately tie them (no pun intended) to winter. FALSE! Today, I want to show you how super easy it is to take your adorable scarves into spring and summer. I constantly gravitate towards scarves in my closet because of their simplicity. They are an outfit and an accessory at the same time. Because I am such a neutral clothing lover, a scarf is an easy way to spice up my look. Granted, there many winter-y scarves, but many that are fashion scarves are made from a light cotton/acrylic material, making them light enough to wear all year.

First off, there are a million ways to wear a scarf. I like mine to look all messy. And I don’t always like them to hang down. I often times will knot it like this:imageAs you can see, the scarf above is a fun pattern (Target, last year) and I’ve paired it with cute earrings (which I purchased from Rack + Clutch). I’m wearing a simple neutral tank with a light sweater. For some reason, Missouri has decided to drop back into the 60s… The scarf pulls my look together and adds a bit of color.

I’m such a fan of adorable stud earrings with a scarf. It’s such a quick look: scarf, pull the hair back into a cute ponytail/up-do, and put on some cute earrings. These are some of my favorites to wear:


I will also layer necklaces under my scarf for a different look.

Maxi dress season is here – YAY! Such a carefree and easy option for your wardrobe, right? I often love to throw a scarf on top to add a different look to the traditional maxi. If you have strapless maxis and you want to cover up a bit more, a scarf is a great option.

If you aren’t good at tying a scarf up, use an infinity scarf. They are so easy and lay nicely.

Does anyone else love to wear scarves all year round? What ways do you wear them?





3 thoughts on “okay, i lied…

  1. Erin says:

    You always look so adorable! Honestly…everything from your outfits, accessories, makeup, and hair…always beautiful! I’m looking forward to trying out some of the skincare and makeup tips you’ve already shared! And I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that you’ll also do a blog with some of your cute hairstyles!


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