two months old

WOW! Has it already been two months since we welcomed Baby Everett into the world? It seems like only yesterday I was announcing that we were expecting and now we have this beautiful and healthy little man in our lives.


Since he is at the two month stage, we had to do his two month well baby visit. It all went pretty good, until we hit the end…and he had to get shots. Poor baby did NOT like that. He weighed in at 13 pounds and 6 ounces (he likes to eat) and he is 23 inches long. Even with those chunky little thighs, those shots still hurt. I can’t believe how many different vaccinations babies have to get: four shots and a liquid vaccine. Rett cried, I tried my hardest not to tear up – but it was heartbreaking to hear him cry because it was painful.

The nurses stuck the Band-Aids on and we were out the door. I’m not looking forward to shots again…but at least he is healthy! He ate and then fell asleep. It is hard work being a little dude.



I have to give acknowledge Rett’s cute little outfit from above. It was made with love by his Auntie Sheryl. She made his sweater and little shoes (plus a number of other items you will see on him periodically). She is extremely talented and is (fingers crossed) starting her own baby line. My son is her first muse (not sad about it!!). I’ll make sure and give her a shout out when he is wearing her clothing. It is so well made and with such great materials. The wool is so soft, as is the organic cotton. I’ll keep you posted on her amazing creations!

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